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An umbrella advisory organization committed to promoting, developing, inspiring and standardizing sail sports for Vietnam, broad-based to a national team. United on behalf of Vietnam’s Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport University and the National Sports University, to affiliate with regional and international sail sports federations to promote human and environmental health.

Key Achievements

  • Recognition by the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) and Vietnam Aquatic Federation(VASA) as National Sailing Advisor
  • First National Sailing Plan
  • First National School Plan
  • HCMC Sports University training, incorporating sailing into the curriculum.
  • 2011-2016 Sailing Development Plan for VOC (with the goal of including sailing in Vietnam’s 2016 Asian Beach Games)

Fast Track Sailing for Vietnam (2011-2014)

Nov 2011 Launch of Vietnam Canoeing Rowing Sailing Federation (VCRSF).
May 2012 Vietnam joined International Sailing Federation (ISAF).To help develop national sail sports. Allowing Vietnam to link with International Olympic Committee (IOC) Funding for coaching, enter international events, and legally hold international events in Vietnam (without paying silly money).
Jun-Jul 2012 Level 3 athlete and coach training, Indonesia, for Vietnam’s kiteboarding and Laser dinghy teams, training with Spanish and Portuguese Olympic coaches, funded by Olympic Solidarity and Santander Emerging Nations Program.
Sep-Nov 2012 IOC scholarship, for MANTA’s director, to draw the National Sailing Plan for Vietnam (for kiteboarding, windsurfing, dinghy-keel boat and disabled sailing).
Feb 2013 Additional IOC funding for Vietnam, about the standard allocation for 4 years for all sports, with MANTA director’s name on to fund first ISAF Level 1 Coach course in Vietnam, with Olympic Solidarity funding.
Nov-Dec 2013 First ISAF Level 1 Coach course in Vietnam, hosted by VCRSF, funded by Olympic Solidarity, held at MANTA.

Short History

Pilot projects

February 2008. MANTA took Vietnam’s top windsurfers to Auckland in a bid to gather world rankings to qualify Vietnam for the Beijing Olympics, with a coach and training programme (via the sale of 500 books of Vietnam’s endangered marine species).

September 2008. Sail training of fishermen in Con Dao archipelago

December 2008. Sail training of kids in Con Dao archipelago:
Bien Cua Em: A marine conservation awareness campaign by Le Quynh Hue and Dao Van Hoang, MANTA and Wildlife at Risk

July 2010. Sail and navigation training to level III captains in Ha Long Bay.

  • Production of a yachtmasters book in Vietnamese and English, edited by Ministry of Transport, Inland Waterways School and Tran Trung Nghia, an attorney at Law and sailing pioneer. A set of quizzes are available in English and Vietnamese for revision of each chapter of the book, with answers, plus practical teaching notes.

Nov-Dec 2013. First ISAF Level 1 Coach course in Vietnam, hosted by VCRSF, funded by Olympic Solidarity, held at MANTA.

About Us-MANTA Sail Training CentreSeptember 2014. Plans for Bart’s Bash (www.bartsbask.co.uk)

Bart's Bash-MANTA Sail Training CentreMANTA Team

MANTA Director and National Coach: Julia
Tel. +84 (0) 908 400 108
Email: [email protected]
Sailing CV: MANTA CV Licences of Director – 2010
Conservation CV: CV – Julia Shaw 2010 – 1 page

General Manager: Tran Quoc Phung
Tel. +84 (0) 907 474 233

Marketing Manager: Nhat Tran
Tel. +84 (0) 934 320 244
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