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Seventeen years ago Mui Ne was a beach road with 1 hotel: Coco Beach.

Mui Ne Bay now has well over 100 hotels/guest-houses, fully booked in high season. Thanks to Vietnam’s endangered sand dunes which have generated anabatic winds and the unique conditions creating Mui Ne as a global sail sports destination, and the watersports community which goes with that.

MANTA at 108 Huynh Thuc Khang, Muine, Phan Thiet is an ideal location for watersport-lovers. Our Mui Ne hostel rooms are on the beach, just before Mui Ne fishing village. Calm, quiet, and ready for you to go surfing, sailing, or swimming.

Book a room on, or AirBnB (room 02 ,03, 06, 07, 08)

Long term rentals are welcome.


  • 10% for stays longer than 6 nights
  • 15% for stays of one month.

Arriving & Leaving

Three main options:

1. ‘Open Tour’ Bus

  • Door-to-door.
  • Allow 6 hours. Despite new roads, decease police checks slow traffic to 40km.
  • Leaves Mui Ne for Saigon 8am (sitting bus), hospital mid-day (sleeping bus), mid-night (sleeping bus). Tel. Hanh Café: 062 384 73 47,
  • Leaves Saigon for Mui Ne 8am (sleeping bus), 3pm (sitting bus), 8pm (sleeping bus). Tel. Hanh Café. 08 39 20 56 79
  • Companies include: Tam Hanh, Phuong Trang, Nam Phuong, Hanh Café.
  • May need ear plugs for music if driver does not have his own.
  • Tickets cost VND100,000 (sitting bus), VND140,00 for sleeping bus.

2. Local Buses

Less comfortable, run more often, take a blue and white bus from Mui Ne to Phan Thiet bus station (Ben Xe Dac Phan Triet, T (062) 821 361), asking local help for bus to Saigon.

3. Train

  • Take taxi or bike to train station at each end (district 3, HCMC, Muong Man near Phan Thiet). Taxi costs approx. VND200,000. Possible to take bike on the train.
  • Approx. 5 hours, plus taxi each end.
  • 2 trains from Mui Ne:
    • Depart Phan Thiet 13.55 (via Binh Thuan 14.19) arrive Saigon 18.40
    • Depart Phan Thiet 22.40 (via Binh Thuan 23.05) arrive Saigon 03.26
  • 2 trains from Saigon:
    • Depart Saigon 06.50 (via Binh Thuan 10.35) arrive Phan Thiet 10.50
    • Depart Saigon 17.05 (via Binh Thuan 21.03) arrive Phan Thiet 21.18
  • Tickets cost VND 135,000. Phan Thiet taxi to Mui Ne costs about VND200,000. Saigon District 3 to District 1 may be about the same. (Took the train once a while ago.) Need to check the price for taking bikes.

4. Taxi

Flexible time and costs approx. USD90-100.

Stop a Mai Linh taxi or contact Saigon Mui Ne

5. Seaplane

Pproposal has been proposed until all safety issues have been properly addressed.


West to East:

Phan Thiet Bay – Mui Ne Bay – Hon Rom Bay – Suoi Nuoc Bay

Mui Ne fishing village is at the quieter, eastern end of Mui Ne Bay, with the best sunsets. Phan Thiet town is after the western end of Mui Ne Bay.

Ham Tien is a market not far from the Mui Ne fishing village end of the bay.


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