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Bart's Bash: One of MANTA's partnership event to promote sailing worldwide.

Community development initiatives

Community development is important to MANTA as we help to develop and promote the sport of sailing in Vietnam. We believe there is a large value in enabling many children to have to opportunity to participate in sports, and in particular, sailing. We want to offer sailing to a broad base of children from all socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, with your support, we plan to continue offering sail training courses as part of the curriculum at the HCMC Sports University and sailing lessons to disadvantaged children from local schools and fishing families in Mui Ne village.

Sailing not only contributes to personal development by encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle, promoting self-esteem by learning new skills and participating in sports, but it also provides children with a useful and marketable skill set for future work opportunities in the lucrative sports tourist businesses that thrive, particularly here in Mui Ne.

Further, MANTA has begun training Vietnamese athletes to compete in regional and international competitions.

Sponsorship opportunities

Inexpensive opportunities exist for companies to support/sponsor MANTA’s initiatives. By supporting any of the following initiatives, your company can really make a difference at the community level while further developing your company’s brand and corporate social responsibility program.

Five-year sailing development plan

An opportunity to develop brand awareness through the five-year sailing development plan for the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC), which is planning the sailing event for the 2016 Asian Beach Games being hosted in Vietnam. The National Sailing Plan was drawn with and International Olympic Committee scholarship by MANTA’s director for VOC.

National team training

Develop brand recognition at the regional, national and international level by supporting the development and training of Vietnam’s national sailing team. A sponsor is needed to assist with costs such as equipment, training and travel of athletes.

University training course

MANTA is looking for a sponsor in order to continue providing sail training as part of the curriculum at the HCMC sports university.

Sailing lessons for local children

Giving back to the local community, we want to provide sailing lessons free of charge to disadvantaged, local children. MANTA is already training 12 children, aged 12 from the provincial sports school for free.

If you would like more detailed information on our initiatives or if you would like a copy of the 2011-2016 sailing development plan, please contact Julia.

There are plenty of opportunities to advertise your company.  In return for your financial contribution, we can recognize your sponsorship while promoting your brand in the following ways:

  • At the 2016 Asian Beach Games, sailing event in Vietnam
  • Your logo on the boat sail (this is a great opportunity for brand promotion and recognition)
  • Your logo on a flag at our centre (especially for events and media coverage)
  • Promote your product at sailing events at the sailing centre
  • Your logo on the national team jerseys
  • Discounts on sailing for a corporate event or team building day.
  • Vietnam TV (36 slots available/year)
  • Educational videos promoting human and environmental health and wealth
  • We are open to other suggestions as well.

For more information on how you can support our community development initiatives, please contact Julia.

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