Training courses

Saigon South International School, Asia Motions-MANTA Sail Training Centre

Our training programs are individually tailored for each client inline with MANTA’s National Sailing Plan, following guidelines by the International Sailing Federation [ISAF], Federation Francaise de Voile [FFV] and Royal Yachting Association [RYA].

We believe ‘hands on’ instruction and practice is the best way to learn and the most enjoyable learning experience, while also emphasizing safety and good seamanship

Sailing courses: course outline

Getting afloat

Introduction to basic skills:

  • Test drives
  • Controlled capsizes
  • Copying the skills
  • +/- 1-2 hours instruction for beginners
 Training Courses-MANTA Sail Training Centre

Learn to sail

Basic skills to sail safely alone with supervision:

  • Test drives
  • Controlled capsizes
  • Balancing the boat
  • Balancing the sails
  • Steering and orientation
  • Upwind and tacking
  • Downwind and jibing
  • +/-6-10 hours Instruction for beginners
 Training Courses-MANTA Sail Training Centre 2

Progressive sail training

Building on the skills learned from the beginner’s course, can include:

  • Sailing backwards
  • Sailing in circles
  • Man-overboard
  • Controlled stopping alongside a rescue boat
  • Picking up and dropping anchors
  • Sailing without a centerboard
  • Sailing without a rudder
  • +/-6-10 hours Instruction for intermediates
 Training Courses-MANTA Sail Training Centre 3

Race training

Developing skills to be the first to the finish without disqualification:

  • Race starts
  • Race tracks
  • Race sequences
  • Race courses
  • Rules of the road
  • Race penalties
  • Checking the elements
  • Roll tacks, roll jibes
  • Reefing
  • +/-6-10 hours Instruction for racing
 Training Courses-MANTA Sail Training Centre 4

Advanced sail training

Perfecting the above and including:

  • Sailing with spinnakers
  • Sailing with trapezes
  • Sailing without a centerboard
  • Sailing without a rudder
  • Sailing tight circles
  • +/-6-10 hours advanced instruction
 Training Courses-MANTA Sail Training Centre 5


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