Two more MNAs for ISAF Training Scholarship

The IOC Olympic Solidarity department has agreed to fund ISAF Training Scholarship candidates from Vietnam and United Arab Emirates on the eight week course.
Held at the Rockley International Academy in Poole, Great Britain from 3 September to 26 October 2012 Julia Shaw from the Vietnam Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing Federation and Yousuf Khalid Al Bastaki from U.A.E Sailing and Rowing will four other candidates from Fiji, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and Mozambique.

Ms Julia Shaw said of the decision, “I am extremely grateful to VCRSF, ISAF, IOC and the Rockley International Academy, for this incredible opportunity to help Vietnam develop its new national sport of Sailing including dinghies, multi-hulls, windsurfing, kite-boarding and disabled sailing.

“Through a strategic national plan of higher quality training, management and sponsorship for athletes Vietnam can offer year round, warm weather, broad based to national team, recreational sailing and racing with more than 4,000km of stunning and vulnerable coastline, to promote human and environmental health to a range of people including youth in coastal communities, schools and universities. At the same time, we have a few hundred years to catch up on the collective sailing skills and wisdom of the rest of the sailing world and look forward to joining the network of regional and international training to help us realize the vision. A special focus for preparation includes Vietnam’s wish to include sailing in the 2016 Asian Beach Games and training for the Santander 2014 ISAF Worlds.”

Mr Yousuf Khalid Al Bastaki, who was one of the attendees at the ISAF Development Symposium in Ireland earlier this year said, “It is good news that I am now coming to the UK for the ISAF Scholarship Programme. My career ambition has always been to obtain a challenging position in a professional environment with major responsibilities that would allow me to effectively utilize my communication, organizational and leadership skills. I believe that this opportunity will greatly help Sailing in the U.A.E. I am looking forward to learning many new skills and gaining insights into the development of the sport that I can implement when I return to my country later this year.’

Dan Jaspers, ISAF Training and Development Manager added, “The continued success of this Scholarship programme is a sign that the International Sailing Federation, represented by 139 Member National Authorities, is wanting more support at this level and I guarantee that this course is the vehicle for many ’emerging’ nations to grow. Without the National Training Programme Managers and Development Co-ordinators it is impossible to grow a truly inclusive grass roots programme that can increase participation and ensure long term stability. I am very happy that we now have six MNAs on the 2012 Course and look forward to growing our relationship with each of them over the next eight weeks.”

Regular updates will be shown the Training and Development Facebook page.

For all of the programmes and initiatives that have been developed by ISAF in order to help increase global participation in the sport, please visit our dedicated training pages here or contact the ISAF Training and Development Department here.

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