United Nation Goals

Asia Motions 2015.12.15-MANTA Sail Training Centre-14


  • The world is 95% water, 70% ocean, and rising; with human population pressures on land, increasing.
  • Significant risks to the ocean are pollution, overfishing, and climate change.
  • Vietnamese fishermen are arguably the most vulnerable, lowest caste, often unschooled Vietnamese community, with alternative livelihoods yet to be defined.
  • Vietnam’s 4,000+km coastline is globally ranked the fifth most threatened coastline to climate change.
  • MANTA takes Vietnamese fishermen off over-fishing, off endangered habitats, and off fossil fuels, translating their existing ocean skills into water-sports, to help service Vietnam’s growing industries of Tourism and Water-sports.
  • In turn, sail-trained fishermen train large groups of school children water-sports and climate change survival skills, in line with (International Baccalaureate and IGCSE) social-environmental enterprise credits.


UN Deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-03 Share the benefits of water-sports and climate change survival skills!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-04 Follow governing body guidelines towards sailing safely alone!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-05 Ensure water-sports is open to all!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-07 Use wind, tide, and paddle power, instead of fossil fuel!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-08 Sustain an alternative livelihood for fishermen, which switches fishermen’s existing ocean skills to water-sports, to help service growing industries of tourism and water-sports!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-09 Grow the network from World Sailing via sail-trained fishermen to students!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-10 Use sport and education to reduce inequalities!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-11 Students help sustain an alternative livelihood for fishermen!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-12 Include lunches from fishing families!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-13 Vietnamese fishermen teach water-sports and climate change survival skills to students!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-14 Create an alternative way to set up Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-15 Clean the beaches!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-16 Cultivate peace: Help replace horrific sea history memories with national pride!


E_SDG goals_icons-individual-cmyk-17 Encourage partnerships to sustain the programme!

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