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Sustainable Development Goals

Find out how you can contribute to Sustainable Development Goals through MANTA


  • The world is 75% ocean, and rising. Children with watersports skills stand best survival chances.
  • Vietnam has an horrific sea-history, no operational coastguard, and 90% of Vietnamese children cannot swim.
  • Sufficient risk/threats to the ocean are pollution, over-fishing (with loss of biodiversity), and climate change (with the ocean expanding as it heats up and polar caps melt).
  • Vietnam Olympic Committee asked MANTA’s founder for help to develop national watersports based on MANTA’s environmental conservation and alternative livelihood pilot projects.
  • Vietnamese fishermen are arguably the most vulnerable, lowest caste, often unschooled Vietnamese community.
  • Vietnam’s 4,000+km coastline is globally ranked 5th most threatened coastline to climate change.
  • Drowning takes 6,000 Vietnamese children/year. Source.
  • Only 4% of global oceans are protected (on paper).

And Motivation

  • National pride can be a stronger motivating force than marine conservation.
  • Watersports have many benefits for human and environmental life.
  • Watersports safety-areas can double as Marine-Protected Areas.
Deliver United National’s Sustainable Development Goals


Hover on each icon to see how we delivers the goals!

We come to MANTA for water-sports and climate change survival skills workshops!
We learn water-sports for good health and well-being!
Follow governing body guidelines towards sailing safely alone!
Ensure water-sports is open to all!
Use wind, tide, and paddle power, instead of fossil fuel!
Sustain an alternative livelihood for fishermen, which switches fishermen’s existing ocean skills to water-sports, to help service growing industries of tourism and water-sports!
Include lunches from fishing families!
Vietnamese fishermen teach water-sports and climate change survival skills to students!
Create an alternative way to set up Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)!
Encourage partnerships to sustain the programme!

Award-winning videos

Students and sponsors explain more, in short award-winning videos:

Manta Global Goals: Watersports is Open To All (2017) 2:17

We the children! EISHCMC children with MANTA deliver the UNSDGs! (2018) 2:21

Enabling an ocean of life long learning (2019) 2:41

Our Awards: Sports for Climate Action Collective Impact

Today world leaders, from government, finance, business, and civil society are convening at the United Nations for the Climate Summit to support efforts to implement the Paris Agreement and to increase ambition and climate action.

Secretary-General António Guterres has asked these leaders to bring bold announcements and actions to the Summit that will reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will.

Beyond Sport is joining this global call to act and believe that sport can offer a bold approach to tackling climate issues – that’s why we created the Sport for Climate Action Collective Impact Award, suppported by Svenska Postkodlotteriet.

Over the next year, Protect Our WintersWorld SailingAEG PresentsManta Sail Training CentreI Am Water Ocean Conservation, and Youth Service Organization will work together to be a part of global solutions to environmental issues, using a sport as a tool to drive change.

Learn more about this initiative here




Beyond Sport, Swedish Postcode Foundation and Laureus Sports For Good

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Sports for Climate Action Collective Impact

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