Marine conservation

Conserving Vietnam’s Coastline-MANTA Sail Training Centre 2


Develop sailing with marine conservation awareness to:

  • Promote human and environmental health with national pride
  • Support Millennium Goals (poverty reduction and biodiversity conservation)
  • Provide alternative training/additional income for fishing families using their existing ocean skills to help take them above the poverty line and off endangered habitats to help service Vietnam’s growing Industries of watersports and tourism
  • Creation of Marine Protected Areas – areas where marine life is left alone so fish can grow and replicate to help replenish Vietnam’s waning biodiversity and fish stocks
  • Reduce rubbish and pollution (with the help of fishing family kids) to help protect the quality of natural resources underpinning the sport (e.g., surfers against sewage)
  • Raise marine conservation awareness (with the help of fishing family kids/others) to select movies to dub into Vietnamese and screen to fishing families over a bia or two – tickets can be sold to others to help pay for the awareness raising event
  • Help switch engine power to wind power
  • Help Vietnam adapt to climate change with sea levels rising
  • Help promote Vietnam’s stunning coast and
  • Help replace negative memories of the sea during the war with more positive ones.


MANTA takes fishermen off endangered habitats and over-fishing by using their existing ocean instincts to water-sports coaching and climate change survival skills. This alternative livelihood programme is supported by large groups of school children and corporates.

  • MANTA takes Vietnamese fishermen off overfishing into watersports (using their existing ocean skills), to help marine stocks grow.
  • Sail-trained Vietnamese fishermen help run Vietnam’s 1st sail training centre, teaching watersports survival skills and climate change reduction to a range of others.
  • Ho Chi Minh City school children help sustain the alternative livelihoods for fishermen in watersports, by participating to learn watersports survival skills. As MANTA is aligned with International Baccalaureate core curriculum community service components.


Marine mammal specialist, Dr Lindsay Porter, is working with MANTA and local fishermen to set up a marine mammal surveillance network.

Movie trailer (in Vietnamese and English)

With overfishing one of the biggest threats to marine environments and Con Dao archipelago arguably one of the best protected marine environment in Vietnam with sea turtles still nesting and dugongs visiting. Ocean skills of 84% of dive fishermen were used for 2008 sail training as alternative/additional livelihoods to help take them above the poverty line and off endangered marine habitats, while servicing Vietnam’s growing industries of watersports and tourism, adaptation to climate change and allowing marine species to grow and multiply to replenish stocks, in line with Millennium goals

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