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Watersport for Climate Action!

MANTA Sail Training Centre


“One sail, one soul, one dream, one goal – Russian Finn Class – to get out there safely”

Watersports for people and planet!

  • MANTA was set up to address global ocean issues (over-fishing, pollution, climate change), with alternative livelihoods for fisher-folk.
  • Originating from ADM Capital Foundation (2005) fishery surveys for southern Vietnam.
  • Respecting Vietnam’s Olympic Committee’s (2008) request for help to develop water-sports, based on MANTA’s marine conservation projects in Con Dao archipelago.

Key achievements

  • First National Sailing Plan
  • HCMC Sports University training, incorporating sailing into the curriculum.
  • 2011-2016 Sailing Development Plan for Vietnam Olympic Committee
  • 2017 Beyond Sport’s Global Award shortlister
  • 2018 TVE’s Global Sustainability Awards shortlister
  • 2019 New Zealand Chamber of Commerce’s Charity of the Year
  • 2020 Beyond Sport’s Sport for Climate Action Collective Impact Award.


feeds fishermen families


taught school childreen climate change survival skills


trained Olympic-level coaches
Develop sailing with marine conservation awareness towards the Global Goals: Watersports is open to all

MANTA’s core circular model

MANTA takes fishermen off endangered habitats and over-fishing translating their existing ocean instincts to water-sports coaching and climate change survival skills. This alternative livelihood programme is supported by large groups of school children and corporates.


MANTA trains fishermen...

MANTA takes Vietnamese fishermen off overfishing by translating their existing ocean skills into watersport, to help marine stocks grow.
2 become watersport-coaches...

In turn, sail-trained Vietnamese fishermen teach large groups of children or corporates water-sports and climate change survival skills.

...who train children and tourists

In turn, students simultaneously help sustain fishermen’s new livelihoods, Vietnam’s national team training, and MANTA’s circular model, while delivering the global goals, and zero waste awareness, as sea levels rise.

Our history

Fast-track sailing for Vietnam

A brief history of the Vietnam sailing sport and MANTA’s key role in it.

Nov 2011

Launch of Vietnam Canoeing Rowing Sailing Federation (VCRSF)

May 2012

Vietnam joined International Sailing Federation (ISAF). To help develop national sail sports. Allowing Vietnam to link with International Olympic Committee (IOC) Funding for coaching, enter international events, and hold international events in Vietnam

Jun-Jul 2012

Level 3 athlete and coach training, Indonesia, for Vietnam’s kiteboarding and Laser dinghy teams, training with Spanish and Portuguese Olympic coaches, funded by Olympic Solidarity and Santander Emerging Nations Program.

Sep-Nov 2012

IOC scholarship, for MANTA’s director, to draw the National Sailing Plan for Vietnam (for kiteboarding, windsurfing, dinghy-keel boat and disabled sailing)

Feb 2013

Additional IOC funding for Vietnam, about the standard allocation for 4 years for all sports, with MANTA director’s name on to fund first ISAF Level 1 Coach course in Vietnam, with Olympic Solidarity funding.

Nov-Dec 2013

First ISAF Level 1 Coach course in Vietnam, hosted by VCRSF, funded by Olympic Solidarity, held at MANTA.

Our diverse team

MANTA is a family of members from different background: from Ph.D scientist to business expert to local fishers. We follow World Sailing/governing body guidelines, modified with greater safety and simpler language for Vietnam.

Julia Caroline Shaw


Julia was taught to sail by her mother aged 4 years old, then taught others from 5 years old (to have friends to sail with). Her most recent training, an International Olympic Committee scholarship to draw Vietnam’s national plan (2012). Her most recent publication, a chapter in a Springer series on Biodiversity (2017).

Nhat Tran

CEO. Digital Consultant.

Nhat has been with MANTA since day 1. Leveraging his expertise in business management and digital transformation, he leads MANTA's business side and connects the dot between Julia and the fishermen families.

Phung Tran

Sailing Manager

Phung has been the lead coach at MANTA since the beginning. Dubbed as "the Mui Ne community's favourite beach boy", he is also a master of martial arts, survival skills, and many types of watersports.

Rot Nguyen

Watersport Coach

Before joining MANTA, Rot had more than 10 years of experience in fishing. His skill in windsurfing is arguably one of the best in Vietnam. He loves teaching children about SUP.

Tuan Huynh (Bầu)

Watersport Coach

A part-time chef at night, Bầu has years of experience in teaching watersports, SUP and sailing.

Vũ Trần

Security, Watersport Assistant

Vu ensures everyone at MANTA sleeps soundly at night by keeping watch and caring for the puppies.

Hai Le (Nga)


While Vu keeps MANTA safe, his wife keeps MANTA clean and ready for all guests. She also cooks excellent meals.

Hanh Nguyen


Hanh speaks excellent English and cooks delicious local seafood cuisine. She takes care of MANTA's overall sanity and wellness.

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We are located in Muine bay, an ideal location for sailing, with a gentle beach gradient, minimal beach break and protected inshore areas from the northeasterly winds.

108 Huynh Thuc Khang,
Mui Ne
Phan Thiet

T (EN): +84 (0) 908400108
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