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Are you an experienced sailor who wants to explore the world on your own? MANTA’s dinghy rental service is undoubtedly what you require for a fun and exciting adventure. Let’s see what you can do to have the best trip ever at MANTA!

Great factors that makes dinghy rental the best

Mui Ne is Vietnam’s watersports capital thanks to the anabatic winds generated by Mui Ne’s unique sand dunes. As the sand dunes heat up with the sunshine, hot air rises, bringing in cool sea breezes. The wide range of weather conditions from low wind, medium wind to strong wind is ideal for a variety of watersports such as Stand-Up Paddling, surfing,traditional coracling,… It can be best to sail in the mornings with medium-strong wind.

MANTA is located at 108 Huynh Thuc Khang with a very gentle beach gradient without a corresponding beach break, and no rocks to navigate around for safety. MANTA is protected in the northeast wind season (October-November to April-May) and moves to a southwest wind season satellite site (April-May to October-November). MANTA clients can sail out in southwest wind season, approximately 5km away from MANTA’s main site. During summer-autumn season, sailing makes for a great family bonding experience.

MANTA provides Olympic class dinghies and ISAF World Sailing/governing body recognised classes. Specifically, RS Quests, RS Fevas, RS Teras, Laser Standards, Laser Radials and Open Bic. Olympic class dinghies are the most popular classes of dinghies across the world, recognised for their quality – and their quantity.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a beginner, dinghies are perfect for anyone looking to have a great time on the water. MANTA uses monohull dinghies, which are popular due to their easy maneuverability and lightweight design. This trait comes up with a limited weight of people. Laser and RS Feva dinghies are limited to 225kg, which can take 1-2 guests including a MANTA captain. RS Quest dinghies are bigger, specifying a maximum weight of 365kg for up to 4 guests. 

How can MANTA ensure your safety?

In terms of safety, MANTA conducts risk assessments and shares them with clients before the tour begins. We also watch to see if sailing clients need help to sail their boat safely. Solving a potential problem at the outset minimizes the risks of the problem escalating and putting the sailors and rescuers lives at risk. 

If all goes well with rental sailing checks, the coaches will leave the boat and swim to shore, allowing you to fully enjoy the trip. MANTA tells people to sail where our coaches can see us, so we can see them, otherwise they go to rescue.

Also, MANTA has been set up with the highest safety protocols for each stage of sailing: from the equipment preparation, spares, and repairs, to each level of training, and surveillance, child safeguarding, risk assessments, and emergency procedures. Following governing body guidelines from a range of countries, modified for Vietnam.

Manta offers the most affordable sailing services in Vietnam, with high-quality equipment and life safety. MANTA’s prices and group rates are already heavily discounted for Vietnam sailing, starting highest at 60 USD/hour/boat, despite the costs of importing the new equipment to Vietnam. We also give mates’ rates of 10% discount, if appropriate. Many variables contribute to the consideration of mates’ rates. Get a taste of MANTA’s watersports services to determine the worth of the service price.

Come with us if you want to go sailing on your own – it’s sure to be a blast! Get full information about your sailing experience via email: [email protected]. Welcome to MANTA – Vietnam’s 1st and only official sailing school!

***Photo by Elena Sergeevna

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We are located in Muine bay, an ideal location for sailing, with a gentle beach gradient, minimal beach break and protected inshore areas from the northeasterly winds.

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