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MANTA covers plenty of watersports for guests to have fun and stay active. We provide rentals, tours, and lessons for both beginners and seasoned pros. Discover all MANTA’s services to help you choose the best watersports for your needs.

Lessons: with devoted and professional coaches

When clients want to begin new watersports, it is preferable to have a coach or basic instruction. Self-study is not recommended for safety reasons. At MANTA, we provide lessons for sailing, Stand-up Paddling (SUP), and windsurfing.

When clients arrive at MANTA they do not need to know anything about watersports. The best way to develop the skills is through practical practice. The training program is delivered with great safety and speed, in simpler English than governing body programs, as English is rarely the first language of MANTA clients. 

MANTA’s coaches always instruct in small sequential steps until the student can demonstrate they have gathered the basic skills of watersports to play on their own. That way, the student learns the fastest ways to transfer their practical skills to muscle memory (without having to unlearn any synaptic routes picked up in error). Practice/time on the water is then the best way to develop watersports skills.

MANTA’s trainers are watersports trained fisherfolk, who are now Vietnam’s top sailing athletes, coaches, and managers, with 12 years of practical experience. MANTA’s clients automatically help deliver the UN’s global goals, as MANTA was set up as an alternative livelihood program, for marine conservation reasons. (To help minimise negative impacts of overfishing on biodiversity/habitat destruction and Vietnam’s marine stocks long term).

Rentals: with internationally-certified equipment

For clients who want to explore the beach on their own, MANTA is an excellent choice due to its affordable prices and high-quality equipment. Renting watersports equipment allows people to enjoy the water without having to buy their own equipment, which can be expensive. It also allows people to try out different types of watersports, so they can find out which ones they like best. MANTA offers sailing, windsurfing, SUP, and traditional coracling rentals.

All MANTA equipment is imported new, with an Import and VAT tax of 27% and shipping costs. MANTA equipment is 5,000 to 10,000 times the cost of a standard football, mainly to ensure safety. Quality equipment brings worthwhile experiences.

Everyone is still concerned about climate change. MANTA uses internationally-certified equipment (RS Feva and Lasers for sailing) with high maintenance standards. The watersports equipment enables Vietnam to develop skills for adaptation and resilience in the face of climate change.

MANTA coaches will be on-site to ensure your safety, whether you rent equipment or learn to sail. We will ask clients to stay where they can see us so we can see them. Watersports are becoming safer and more enjoyable at MANTA.

Tours: truly explore Mui Ne’s culture

Mui Ne developed around the sea, the beach, and watersports – so people and the atmosphere tends to be relaxed, upbeat, and flow (like water). It has been a multicultural bay which also adds to an interesting social environment and a global hotspot. Mui Ne beach is truly a paradise and a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable beach vacation. 

At MANTA, professional coaches are not only available to teach you the basics of sailing or SUP, but also are experienced tour guides who can help guests explore beautiful sites around the beach. Our tours allow you to discover floating fish farms, whale temples, Mui Ne fishing villages, and red sand dunes. A sea tour is usually arranged in an hour. 

MANTA’s sea tour is an amazing experience that can’t be found anywhere else. From learning about the local cuisine to visiting historical sites to interacting with the locals, sea tours offer a unique opportunity to truly get to know a place. Also, the views of the coastline are simply breathtaking. 

MANTA has everything you need for an unforgettable beach vacation, whether it’s lessons, rentals, or tours. Don’t hesitate to kick-start a new experience with watersports at MANTA,  all you need to do is just send an email to [email protected]

***Photo by Elena Sergeevna

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We are located in Muine bay, an ideal location for sailing, with a gentle beach gradient, minimal beach break and protected inshore areas from the northeasterly winds.

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