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Counter intuitively: The best preparation for beginners’ lessons is to not prepare! Except to dress comfortably!

Nevertheless, before participating in sailing, beginners can gather a clear view of the process. Here are 3 things beginners should notice to be well-prepared for the best sailing experience possible! 

What should beginners prepare for sailing lessons?

An upbeat/can-do attitude will be the best preparation for sailing successfully. Sailing is an holistic sport, and the environmental conditions are in constant flux, so coordination of the range of ways to balance a sailboat is probably the most important skill. 

It is best not to read anything before class and to arrive with an empty mind, rather like attending a yoga session. A student can even learn to sail without theory. They will learn how to balance the elements in the sessions to go where they want and are legally allowed to go. Students can arrive to sail without any knowledge of how to sail. 

If a student has any physical or mental issues, they should check with their doctor if they are fit enough to sail. Students are expected to tell MANTA in advance if they have any health issues the coaches need to be aware of, including any medication needed.

It is highly recommended that students dress comfortably for the beach. They can choose gym shoes or water shoes to protect their feet from shells on the beach. They can bring a long-sleeved t-shirt/rash vest and leggings to protect themselves, in the rare case of visiting jellyfish. They can wear sunscreen, a hat, and drink lots of water. MANTA provides caps with clips which the students can wear.

What will they learn about sailing?

The coach organizes the sailing lessons so that students will see, hear, read, and will physically take part in the sport. Following the VARK model of learning styles: Visual, Audio, Reading, and Kinesiology. 
Feel free to take the VARK quiz: How do you learn best?!

In the beginning, students learn to sail in small sequential steps by imitating their instructor. At MANTA, the coach stays in the same boat with the student until they have mastered the skills to sail safely alone. This approach ensures the skills go directly to muscle memory, and that the students do not need to unlearn any bad habits to relearn the skills. 

After proving they have gathered the skills to sail safely alone, they can practice on their own at sea, with surveillance from MANTA. There are recognized arm gestures that may be used to signal for assistance from the beach if participants require it. Coaches also keep an eye out for any problems that can arise with a student.

Sailing can help with learning other watersports (boat/board/sail sports), for the familiarity with balance, balance despite the waves, and knowledge using the wind and wind direction for propulsion. Each watersport requires checking the equipment, understanding the procedure, checking the weather forecasts and ensuring the environment is safe. Time on the water helps with any watersports.

Some facts about sailing

Sailing can help participants improve their social skills as an individual or as a team. They can also develop their muscle strength, reduce stress and enhance their concentration. These are also important survival skills to cope with natural disasters.

The governing organization advises spending 10–12 hours to develop the necessary skills to sail alone securely. However, at MANTA students can gather the skills in 4-6 hours, as MANTA’s program is personalized for each person, with greater safety. The skills are taught in tiny, consecutive steps, which people pick up quickly. The price would be between USD240 and USD360 to acquire the necessary abilities, as the normal charge for sailing is USD60/hour/student.

No need to reinvent the wheel: Beginners take sailing lessons with a coach since it is first and foremost unsafe to learn on your own. Coaches have received training to facilitate learning most quickly and efficiently as possible. Because coaches will deliver clearer knowledge and better experiences, learning with them will take less time. In addition, participants can also use certified modern sailing equipment from MANTA throughout their course.

Sailing is an interesting and exhilarating watersport which helps us to navigate the world, we never stop learning – so participants can start here to get their best experience! Come and enjoy exciting sailing (rental, lessons, and tours) at MANTA!

***Photo by Elena Sergeevna

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