Men from the Island (Video)

Heart-warming and inspirational video, filmed during MANTA Wildlife at Risk program.

With overfishing one of the biggest threats to marine environments and Con Dao archipelago arguably one of the best protected marine environment in Vietnam with sea turtles still nesting and dugongs visiting. Ocean skills of 84% of dive fishermen were used for 2008 sail training as alternative/additional livelihoods to help take them above the poverty line and off endangered marine habitats, while servicing Vietnam’s growing industries of watersports and tourism, adaptation to climate change and allowing marine species to grow and multiply to replenish stocks, in line with Millennium goals (

SAVE THE FISH:  Sail trained fishermen taught sailing to marine conservation competition winners from Vo Thi Sau High School in a marine conservation awareness raising campaign ‘Bien Cua Em’ / ‘My Sea’

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