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Established for more than 10 years, MANTA is honored to have received recognition at prestigious awards for our efforts to pivot social-ocean priority challenges (overfishing, pollution, climate change). Let’s look at our activities and accomplishments over the last ten years.

1. tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2018 Shortlisting

The tve Global Sustainability Films Awards (GSFA) recognizes outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media, and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future.

Overfishing and pollution of the marine environment in recent decades has caused many marine species to sharply decrease. The quality of the catch has deteriorated, as a result of overfishing, affecting both the diversity of marine ecosystems and the livelihood needs of fishermen. MANTA transfers the fishermen’s existing ocean skills to watersports survival training and ocean awareness for the health and wealth of children and habitats.

In turn, students develop their watersports skills, and their adaptation and resilience in the face of climate change, while supporting the fishermen’s new means of subsistence, the national team of Vietnam, and MANTA’s circular model while assisting in achieving the 17 UN SDGs!

Photo by Ugis Visnakovs

Aside from teaching sailing and climate change survival skills to large groups of children in accordance with international curricula, MANTA also emphasizes gender equality, with females making up 52 percent of all children taught to date. Currently, over 6,000 students have been taught by 20 fishing families.


2. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change featured MANTA Sail Training Centre

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental treaty negotiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. 

MANTA was featured in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Photo by Ugis Visnakovs

3. 2019 Charity of the year!

The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce kindly chose MANTA as its 2019 charity of the year! MANTA raises funds to help sustain alternative work for Vietnamese fishermen, reduce water pollution, and teach water-sport skills to children.

Proceeds from New Zealand Chamber of Commerce’s Food and Wine Festival were very kindly collected and sent to MANTA. MANTA still uses small picnic mats from their festival for large groups of children.

4. 2017 Beyond Sport Awards Shortlisting and 2020 Beyond Sport, Swedish Postcode Foundation, and Laureus Sport for Good: Sports for Climate Action Collective Impact Award

Understanding the unprecedented challenges facing the global sporting community, Beyond Sport is committed to using the power of sport to heal and create positive change. Beyond Sport Global Awards provided funding and business support to organizations that use sports to change the world for the better. They believe that sport is an effective and game-changing approach to addressing extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.

Photo by Elena Sergeevna

MANTA was short-listed in Beyond Sport Awards 2017 in the “sport for climate action” category. Due to this achievement, MANTA has been able to connect with the Beyond Sports network, receive exclusive media opportunities, and benefit from facilitated partnership introductions, resource possibilities, and promotional activities. 

Being shortlisted allows us to create a more sustainable platform, and continue contributing to the UN SDGs through sports, throughout the World.

In 2019, MANTA joined the Sport and STEM Alliance and was using virtual platforms and videography to spread our message. We ran a series of innovative and interactive workshops aimed at making the coastlines safer and cleaner. 

MANTA’s 2020 sponsorship from Beyond Sport, Swedish Postcode Foundation, and Laureus Sport for Good, was amazing! It allowed MANTA to work with local children with swimming survival and watersports workshops regularly around lockdown, with a PhD swimming coach for children, Miguel Fragoeiro, despite international border lockdowns.


Here was our final call to action: 

With prestigious nominations and awards from all over the world, MANTA is honored to receive motivation to carry on with our journey. Join us to advance 17 UN SDGs and promote environmental protection, children’s safety, and fishermen, via email: [email protected].

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